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Eterna is a Swiss luxury watch company founded in Grenchen, Canton Solothurn, on 7 November 1856 by Josef Girard and Urs Schild. The company is now owned by Hong Kong-based Citychamp Watch & Jewellery Group Limited, an investment holding company formerly known as China Haidian Holdings.

Eterna watches have poor customer service and watches could have permanent stains due to the manufacturing process, according to an Anonymous customer at

"Three stars because the rose gold lugs on both sides have permanent stains. Per the manual I tried wiping them using the supplied white microfiber, even tried with a dab of water and polished it for 60 seconds and still, the stains that seem like were caused at the manufacturing staining process don’t go out. I’ve contacted both Eterna directly, and they are currently on a vacation email responder, as well contacted the seller here they amazon, and waiting for a response."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There exists a Staff Policy Manual but what goes on in the Firm contradicts what is the Manual especially as it concerns workers welfare and promotion. Someone can be promoted twice in a year while the other person might not be promoted once in 8 years. Career growth is sluggishly slow in some department that doesn't have Bosses who can defend his team at the Management Team. Appraisal is subjective and not objective. The HR team cares less about the welfare of some staff Staff turnover is very high, thus attainment of Company's objectives has been stagnated."

Current Employee - Internal Control and Audit Supervisor says

"Career growth is slow at Eterna Plc"

Former Employee - Quality Assurance Officer says

"Under-performing managers. Poor management team. Growth is a little bit stunted."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Growing as an individual is difficult. Not a place to get any sort of career development trainings. It’s better to come in as an experience hire than at entry level."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"too much eye service and boot licking, poor communication between management and employees which causes lots of rumour mongering"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Senior management staff tends to target staff of other managers for blame consequently staff of weaker mangers tends to suffer. No balance between work and personal life. can be called at anytime to do a job."

Uhrmacherin (Current Employee) says

"Die Firma wurde ruinös gemanagt. Die momentanen Rettungsmassnahmen enden in einer vertuschten Massenentlassung. Die Löhne wurden bis jetzt bezahlt, AHV und Pensionskasse sind stark im Rückstand.vernünftige Pensionskasseständiger Leistungsabbau"

operario de maquina (Current Employee) says

"no se tiene un buen ambiente labor ya que las personas les falta mas calidad humana en ocasiones el día se torna pesado.epsfalta de calidad humana"

Impulsadora (Former Employee) says

"son buenos como empresa pero como personas solo piensan en ellos por que no les gusta que el personal pase un dia en familia por que el decir de ellos es que no venden en cuanto no es asi adicional a esto no les importa si a uno se le presenta una calidad domestica el decir es que no les importa que mire haber como se soluciona el problema y pues a mi parecer uno no es exento de lo que pueda pasar mientras no esta en la empresa no da descanso quitan los compensatorios, solo piensan en ellos y toca trabajar todos los domingos, y festivos"

montacarguista (Former Employee) says

"pues bien lo q aprendi ser mejor persona y tener mas esperienzaseguro medico y todo de leysi hay descanso"

Coordinador de Salud Ocupacional (Former Employee) says

"Aprendizaje muy grande respecto de administración del riesgo por uso de sustancias químicas peligrosas y más de 600 trabajadores. Nivel de responsabilidad alto. Muchos cambios en la dirección y la Junta Directiva, además de los Subgerentes lo que compromete los procesos internos. Excelente población trabajadora. Muy cerca de mi lugar de residencia como ventaja.Aprendizaje del riesgo y la población trabajadoraNiveles altos de incertidumbre"

Quality Assurance/ Safety (Current Employee) says

"i have learned a lot in terms of Quality Management system from my company. the improvement in process safety right from he raw material down to the final product without compromising safety."

Anna says

"Bought a shirt for my dad as a birthday present. Since I still had not received the package the day I was told it would arrive, I contacted their customer service over the phone. I said, that the delivery company wrote that it would be sent back to them (Eterna). They (Eterna) said they would just mail it out to me again and that they would let me know as soon as there were updates. Later in the week, they still had not contacted me, because the package was damaged, so they could not send it back to me. I had to call them myself to get something out of customer service, who are not very helpful. They sent back my money after a few days, but not the money I paid for the delivery. So I had to call them back to say I could not understand, how I still had not recived my money back for a delivery that never took place. The woman over customer service did not know what to do herself, so she just said she would forward me to one of her colleagues. Then she hung up. I then got an email in German some time after. After a few days, I also got that money back. And then I could order the shirt again. Let’s just say the package did NOT come in time for the birthday." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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